Ways A Website Can Enhance Your Dental Marketing

The Internet has become a popular source of information for consumers. In fact, people are increasingly using this platform as a way to research medical and dental information, as it allows them to remain anonymous while finding out what they need to know about symptoms, treatments and even medical professionals. Therefore, it is necessary for all dentists to include a website in their dental marketing strategy. Dental websites can complement other marketing efforts, as ads or direct mail pieces should also include the practice’s web address. Here are just a several of the benefits that dental websites provide to the marketing efforts of a dental practice.


Attract New Clientele

A website can help a dental practice draw in prospective clients by providing a presence on the Internet. The site will give visitors a first impression of the office, so it is important for the site to portray a professional and innovative image. The website design should also complement the overall personality and brand of the practice while appealing to your target audience. Plus, visitors need to be able to easily navigate your website.

Working with a dental marketing professional, like The SEO Dentist, is important when designing and implementing a website for your practice. A marketing expert will create a professional design and, more importantly, increase visitors to the site through search engine optimization. By employing tactics to increase the positioning of your website on search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, prospective clients will find your site more readily when seeking information on the Internet. If your site is not showing up in the top three pages of a search, it is likely that a potential client will not even see it.


Educate Visitors

Dental websites also provide an opportunity to educate prospective and current clients about the dental industry and oral health, as well as specific services offered at your practice. Informational resources should include detailed descriptions, as well as photos and videos, if possible. By including this information on your website, you establish credibility with visitors. Plus, a description of services, especially new and innovative techniques, provides an effective sales tool that may help increase your case acceptance rate.

Nurse Practitioner-Dentist Model for Primary Care from Jessica Holloman on Vimeo.

Provide Office Information

Potential and current clients should also be able to find information about your practice on the website. The site should list the office’s location, hours of operation, and phone number. Provide an interactive map so clients can obtain directions from their home or office. Additionally, dental websites are a great place to introduce the practice dentists and staff by providing biographical and professional information.


Clients will be familiar with the staff even before stepping foot inside the door, which can help patients feel more comfortable and provide an additional level of credibility for the practice. Since some visitors to the site will be searching for a new dental practice, it is important to showcase the inviting atmosphere of the office through photographs.Dental websites are also a great tool to allow prospective and current clients to communicate with the practice. Use the site to allow visitors to set appointments online and submit requests for more information. These features provide an extra level of convenience for your clients, while also communicating an image of innovation by implementing the up-to-date technology.