It has only been recently discovered that liposomes can be used in a number of medical applications other than their traditional use – targeted drug delivery. Among these new applications for Liposome technology is the oral dispensation of dietary and nutriment supplements.

Chief among the benefits of using liposome technology in supplements is that higher amounts of glutathione and vitamin C can be delivered directly to the cells where they are needed. See how Liposome Techonolgy can help you sleep with this Sleep Spray

This is attributed to the liposomal frame around the supplements which allows the body to absorb higher doses faster. The structure of liposomes i.e. fluid-filled spheres made from phospholipids; enables them to protect and deliver nutrients to specific cells in the body. This attribute has been used in liposome technology by researchers to deliver encapsulated nutrients to targeted cells and tissues via the lymphatic system. Effectually by-passing the gastric system which has a low absorption rate for some orally-administered supplements such as glutathione. Used over a long period, liposomes are attributed to a number of benefits including, increased vitality, increased energy levels, and improved tolerance to substances. Through liposome technology, some of the most popular antioxidants such as curcumin, R-lipoic acid, and vitamin C are now attached to liposomes. A phenomenon that is catching up fast in the supplement world.