Being a Child is Tough

Since being a child is tough business already, why would you market to them to go to the dentist?  Isn’t going to the dentist a hurtful thing? Doesn’t it pain them to get their teeth cleaned and pulled, stabbed and filed?  The short answer is, NO!   It’s more important now, then ever, that great pediatric dentists market their services and value offer.   The world of edibles continues to expand year after year and children are threatened with food substances that can erode their tooth health more quickly then ever.  With that said, let’s explore 3 ways Dentists should be marketing to children.

Dental Office Etiquette

One way that a pediatric dentist can market to children is by showing them how fun their office is.  If a dental office is filled with cool colors, video games, bean bags and enjoyable items for kids to engage in, that is a sure-fire way to help kids want to go to the dentist.   There has been a stigma that is unrightously being held onto , that the dentist is not a place for kids.  Well, these days, it certainly can be, and really must be!   With a cool office, kids will be attracted to coming to the dentist and will actually ask to come back.

Why The Need to Market to Kids for Dentistry

The candy making industry is doing everything it can to market to kids, because kids are the ones with the veritable ‘sweet tooth’.  This means that there are more possibilities for cavities left, right and center!   It is actually the moral and ethical responsibility of dentists, and kid dentists to market to children.  In this way the pediatric dentist is actually the gatekeeper and guardian to children’s enjoyable and good dental health.

Last but Not Least : Rewards for Dental Health

Just like Pizza Hut’s reading program in the 80’s that helped thousands and thousands of kids across the USA read more and more books, dentist can offer a rewards program for having awesome dental health and brushing their teeth, flossing daily and making sure to get to their check-ups on time.   There is no more fun experience for a kid coming to the dental office then knowing that when they get there they are not only going to be verbally praised by the power of authority but also that they are going to get physically rewareded with some sort of treat.

In Summary, it’s necessary for dentists to market to kids to help protect them from the potential cavity riddled world of sweet and confectionary delights that lurk at every corner.  Check out a pediatric dentist near you to find out more details in getting your child the right dentist.